The Wound Care Center 
Dr. Kathy Querry 


Nacogdoches Medical Center is now offering comprehensive wound care treatment, including Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, or HBOT. The Wound Care Center brings together both the resources and expertise required to meet the increasing need for specialized wound care in Nacogdoches.

“Many individuals in our community suffer from serious wounds that dramatically impair their quality of life,” says Clay Farell, Director of Business Development for Nacogdoches Medical Center. “Our services now extend to patients with chronic or non-healing wounds associated with infection, diabetes, pressure ulcers, trauma and peripheral vascular disease. The Wound Care Center works with the patient’s referring physician to determine the most effective course of treatment. This can range from simple topical therapy to hyperbaric oxygen.”

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy refers to intermittent treatment of the entire body with 100-percent oxygen at greater than normal atmospheric pressures, using a specialized chamber. The chamber pressure is usually two and one-half to three times greater than normal air pressure, thereby forcing more oxygen into the blood and throughout the body. One of the major benefits is wound healing.

With diseases such as diabetes, the blood circulation becomes poor in the periphery of the body. Because the skin is unable to heal efficiently, diabetic ulcers may occur. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases the oxygen concentration in the blood circulation, in turn increasing white blood cell count which helps the diabetic wound to heal. The dose, duration, pressure, treatment interval and number of treatments must be tailored to the specific disease process being treated.

In addition to wound therapy, scientific evidence shows HBOT treats a number of other conditions. The Committee on Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy of the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine recommends it for treatment of:

  • Skin grafts and flaps that are not healing well
  • Delayed radiation injury of the soft tissue or bones, including osteoradionecrosis
  • Soft tissue infections in which tissues are dying
  • Anemia due to severe blood loss
  • Thermal (heat) burns
  • Abscess in the brain or head
  • Osteomyelitis
  • Blockage of the retinal artery
  • Arterial gas embolism
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Decompression sickness

The Wound Care Center is under the medical supervision of Dr. Kathy Querry, who has experience in both general surgery and wound care. Dr. Querry graduated Cum Laude with a D.O. in Medicine from the University of North Texas Health Science Center, Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine in Fort Worth. She completed her Residency at Osteopathic Medical Center of Texas. She is a board certified general surgeon and is the recipient of a National Healing Certification in Principles of Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine. Dr. Querry and her husband make their home in East Texas along with their three children.

“Wound care has always been a passion of mine,” says Dr. Querry. “I am excited to combine my surgical skills and would care skills together in an outpatient setting.

The Nacogdoches Chamber of Commerce is hosting a ribbon cutting on February 6th at 8:00am. Wound Care Center staff members will be available to provide tours of the new outpatient facility.

The Wound Care Center is located at 1020 North Street in Nacogdoches, next to the Judy McDonald Public Library. The telephone number is 936-462-HEAL (4325).