Robert's Story

Jun 6, 2019

Robert Goodwin

A respected lawyer in East Texas for many years, Robert A. Goodwin had retired and was enjoying time with his family. Then, in July 2012, his life changed in a heartbeat. 

“I thought I was having a stroke, but when I went to Nacogdoches Medical Center’s Emergency Room, they expressed concern about my heart. The doctors insisted I check in for further diagnostic tests.”

Robert was stunned to learn that he had suffered a heart attack and had severe arterial blockage. Triple bypass open-heart surgery was recommended.

Robert recalls, “My wife, Phyllis, and I were terrified, but the cardiovascular team calmly and patiently explained everything. They were honest and genuinely compassionate and assured me that eventually I could return to an active and healthy lifestyle.”

While Robert was urged by others to consider a big city hospital for his surgery, he instead made the choice to stay local. “I felt most comfortable entrusting my care to Nacogdoches Medical Center.”

On July 16th, Robert had his surgery. “Six days later, I walked out of your hospital on my own power to begin the rest of my life. The fear, doubt, and pain of my recovery still lives with me, but what I will always remember is the awesome care I received. Your staff members were quite literally life savers.”

So how do you thank someone for giving you back your life? Robert says, “Shaking a few hands is not enough. This letter is my attempt to say THANK YOU loudly and clearly…thank you for saving my life.”

Today, Robert is feeling better than ever and is back where he really wants to be…home with his family.