What to Bring/What NOT to Bring

Being properly prepared for your stay at Nacogdoches Medical Center can help us provide you with a positive experience. Here’s a quick checklist for what to bring for your stay:  
• Personal toiletries, bathrobe, slippers or socks.
• Any medications you usually take. Be sure to write your name on the containers and inform your nurse.
• Your glasses, dentures, hearing aid, etc.
• Any instructions your doctor may have provided.
• Cash to purchase a debit phone card for long distance calls (local calls are free). 
• Cell phone charger

Please note:
If a hair dryer, electric shaver, radio or other electrical appliances are needed for your comfort, please ask your nurse to notify the hospital Safety Office, so we can make sure they are in good working order.

What Not to Bring

It’s best to leave these items at home:
• Jewelry or other valuables. Nacogdoches is not responsible for personal items.
• Large amounts of money or extra credit cards).