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Local Hospital and EMS Provider Partner to Improve Sepsis Care

Dec 5, 2017

Nacogdoches, Texas, November 14th, 2017- Sepsis is an extreme response to an infection and while it starts with vague symptoms, it is a lifethreatening, medical emergency. Without the right treatment, sepsis can cause organ failure, amputation, or death. Thousands of lives can be saved each year by simply raising awareness of its symptoms. Early recognition and treatment are key. In an effort to improve patient outcomes, NMC Health Network and Nacogdoches County EMS have joined forces to provide continuing education to EMS providers. The first in a series of lectures planned, Sepsis: Early Recognition and Treatment in the Prehospital Setting, was held Monday, November 13th at Nacogdoches Medical Center and led by Dr. Chris Klingenberg, Medical Director of NMC Emergency Services.

"There is no one symptom of sepsis but a combination of symptoms," explained Dr. Klingenberg. "They include shivering and fever, extreme pain, accelerated heartbeat, sleepiness or being difficult to rouse, pale or discolored skin, or shortness of breath; however, recognizing these symptoms in the pre-hospital setting can be lifesaving."
As the first contact for many sepsis patients, EMS personnel play a vital role in treatment initiation and reduction of patient morbidity and mortality.  Much like the golden hour for heart attacks or strokes, sepsis also has a golden hour. 

For patients with severe sepsis, chances of survival decrease nearly 8% every hour that treatment is delayed. Dr. Klingenberg’s presentation reviewed key signs and symptoms indicative of sepsis and the immediate intervention that should be initiated en route to the emergency room. Hand-off communication between EMS personnel and ER staff was also outlined in order to improve efficiency and promote a sense of teamwork during the critical timeline associated with the diagnosis and treatment of sepsis. 

NMC Health Network and Nacogdoches County EMS are hopeful that through this joint education effort, earlier detection and management of the disease will improve outcomes and the life altering complications associated with Septic Shock can be reduced
“We are committed to the communities where we live and serve," remarked Klingenberg. “This partnership and the education planned will positively impact the lives of our neighbors and friends for years to come.”

The community partners have already begun to make plans for future lectures. Topics to be included are:

  • Code Stemi Activation
  • Obstetric and Pediatric Emergency Management
  • Treatment of the Trauma Patient
  • Recognizing Stroke and Activation of Code TPA


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