‘Mammos & Margs’ event marks National Mammography Day Hospital offers extended hours with Margarita treat to encourage mammograms

Nov 21, 2022

(Nacogdoches, TX) – National Mammography Day was Friday, Oct. 21, and the staff at Nacogdoches Medical Center hosted its “Mammos & Margs” event Oct. 20 to help remind East Texas women that early detection is vital when it comes to preventing breast cancer. The staff worked late into the evenings, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month to make it easier for all women and especially busy moms and working women to stop in for a mammogram screening. As an added “thank you for taking care of your health,” the staff handed out a refreshing Mimosa drink to each patient after she received her mammogram.

Nacogdoches Medical Center urges women not to allow their busy schedules, especially as the holiday season begins, to prevent them from taking care of their health or delay needed screenings. Studies show that delaying care can be more detrimental in the long run because breast cancer can be present with no symptoms long before it is detected. Early detection can save lives.

Because 1 in 8 U.S. women will have a breast cancer diagnosis at some point in life, it is especially important to make time for a mammogram. The American Society of Breast Surgeons and the American College of Radiology recommend women who have no personal or family history or genetic predisposition for breast cancer begin annual mammogram screening at age 40. For women who have a higher than average risk for breast cancer, such as the presence of certain genes (BRCA1 or BRCA2) in their DNA or other factors, should consult with their physician regarding the frequency for screenings that may begin for them as early as age 25 or 30.

At Nacogdoches Medical Center’s Laird Imaging Center, patients have access to resources including 3D digital screening and diagnostic mammography, breast MRI and ultrasound, stereotactic breast biopsies, ultrasound-guided breast biopsies and genetic testing for breast cancer.

Nacogdoches Medical Center reminds women this Breast Cancer Awareness Month, on National Mammography Day Oct. 21, and all year round, that mammograms are safe, quick, effective and can save lives.

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