Orthopedics at Nacogdoches Medical Center

You can leave pain behind and return to an active lifestyle with Nacogdoches Medical Center’s orthopedic services. We take a multi-disciplinary team approach to ensure continuity of care and maximize outcomes. Our program emphasizes early patient education, a standardized plan of care and a compassionate team of doctors, including orthopedic specialists and orthopedic surgeons, and nurses working to reduce or eliminate your pain. 

Our orthopedic team provides the full spectrum of services, including general orthopedics, joint replacement, sports injury treatment and treatment for disorders of the shoulder, upper extremities, foot and ankle. 

Begin Your Path to Recovery

To schedule an appointment with a specialist, complete an Appointment Request Form, call  our Physician Referral Service at (866) 697-5864 or search our online physician directory.

If traditional treatments don't stop your hip pain, explore whether a partial or total replacement is right for you.
Don’t let arthritis pain in your knee, hip or other joints limit your daily activities. We can help restore function.
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