Orthopedic Spine Surgery

​Spine surgery can help you to get back to an active lifestyle and not be held back by chronic pain. Nacogdoches’ highly trained surgeons provide a variety of spine surgeries:

Back Surgery

Disc Replacement

Disc replacement is the surgical procedure in which a worn or damaged intervertebral disc is replaced by an artificial disc designed to allow continued motion of that part of the spine. The artificial disc is made of two metal components, with or without a plastic spacer in between. The metal plates are attached to the vertebrae that sit above and below the damaged disc. Your spine surgeon, often in conjunction with a vascular surgeon, performs the surgery through an incision made into your abdomen. Lumbar disc replacement is an operation which may be effective in relieving lower back pain due to a worn or damaged intervertebral disc.


Kyphoplasty is a minimally invasive surgical procedure for people suffering with compression fractures of the spine. The procedure involves the insertion of a balloon into the collapsed vertebra followed by a special material. The material hardens and stabilizes the vertebra, preventing further movement, and may reduce the pain caused by bone rubbing against bone. Patients can resume their activities almost immediately.

Lumbar Fusion

The lumbar area of the spine is better known as the lower back. A lumbar fusion is an operation to stabilize the lower back by creating bony bridges between at least two vertebrae and eliminating motion between them. It can be done by fusing the vertebral bodies in front (anterior) or by fusing the facet joints and lamina in the back (posterior). Bone or bone substitutes can be placed on and between the lamina and the facet joints. Metal screws and rods or plates may be attached to the bones to secure the fixation while the bony bridge heals.

Lumbar Laminectomy

The lamina is a part of each vertebra. A lumbar laminectomy is the surgical removal of the lamina or part of the lamina on one or more of the vertebrae in the lower back. This is usually done to relieve pressure on nerves that may become inflamed from pressure caused by a narrowed spinal canal, bone spurs, or a herniated disc. Once the lamina is removed, the surgeon can then access the spinal canal and remove the source of irritation or pressure.

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