Orthopedic Tests & Screenings

Understanding the extent of an orthopedic condition can help us to better diagnose and treat the problem. Nacogdoches Medical Center offers a range of orthopedic tests and screenings for pain assessment and recognizing surgery candidates.

Below is a list of common diagnostic tests and screenings you may receive at Nacogdoches Medical Center. If you already have an physician order, call (936) 568-3450 click here to schedule your test.

CT Scan

A Computerized Tomography (CT) Scan is a test that involves combining X-rays taken from multiple angles to form a cross-sectional image of blood vessels and soft tissues.

Endoscopic Disc Stimulation Diagnosis

An endoscopic disc stimulation diagnosis involves injecting discs near the site of back pain with a small amount of contrast fluid. When the patient feels pain, the doctor can visually observe the site of pain using an endoscope.


An epiduroscopy involves using an epiduroscope to visually examine the epidural space, or area that contains the nerves that connect the spinal cord and the rest of the body. This test is used to check for inflammation and scar tissue in the nerve roots.

Facet Medial Branch Block

A facet branch block involves injecting a local anesthetic and a steroid into a nerve near a spinal joint to diagnose the source of spinal pain based upon the quality and duration of the relief obtained.


Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a diagnostic technique that creates detailed images of organs and tissues using a magnetic field and radio waves.

Selective Nerve Root Block

A selective nerve root block involves injecting local anesthetics and steroids near a spinal nerve root that is suspected of causing pain. It can be used to determine which spinal nerve root(s) are causing symptoms such as pain.

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