Delbert Johnson

In August 2012, Delbert Johnson was weed-eating around a fence and a piece of concrete hit his left shin area and created a wound. After initial treatment by his primary care physician failed, he was referred to a vascular surgeon for further evaluation. The vascular surgeon initially inserted a stent and performed angioplasty for the wound and issues with his left leg.

Unfortunately, Mr. Johnson’s problems did not resolve and the surgeon planned to perform a more aggressive procedure. Before the more aggressive procedure could be scheduled, Mr. Johnson developed fever, and became septic. He was found to have a severe abscess and underwent extensive surgery.

While in the hospital his left leg became more compromised.  He was diagnosed with severe peripheral vascular disease with multiple vessels affected. The prognosis was grim. Mr. Johnson was faced with the fact that he might lose his left leg. He underwent several more surgeries in order to save his limb. He had a wound-vac on his left shin but he had numerous gangrenous lesions of the left lower leg/foot.  He ended up spending over 3 months in a Houston hospital.

In January 2013, he was discharged back to a ​local rehab facility. This facility was concerned about his numerous and complex wounds and sent him to Nacogdoches Medical Center's Wound Care Center. At Mr. Johnson’s first appointment with the staff at the Wound Care Center, he had over 25 active wounds and was stretcher bound. Over the course of 82 weeks, Mr. Johnson completed 60 hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments and over 70 wound care visits. At his last appointment in October, Mr. Johnson walked out of the Wound Care Center independently completely healed of any wounds.   

As it is common at the Wound Care Center, patients become like extended family. The Johnsons were no different. Mr. Johnson never missed an appointment and by his side at each appointment was his wife, Sharon. At first Sharon was scared and rightfully so; however, over time the staff of The Wound Care Center won her over. She became part of the Wound Care Center family. Most mornings Mrs. Johnson could be found making coffee for the staff in the break room. Pat Ronaghan, Director of the Wound Care Center said, “Often times she would sit in my office and we would just talk about children, grand-children, local sports-you name it! As much as I am happy to see Mr. Johnson healed a part of me is really going to miss this sweet couple. As the program director I could not be prouder of Dr. Kathy Querry and the entire staff at The Wound Care Center. Everyone here has a true passion for healing wounds, saving limbs and giving patients their lives back!”


The Wound Care Center is an outpatient department of Nacogdoches Medical Center offering comprehensive wound care treatment, including Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, or HBOT. The Wound Care Center brings together both the resources and expertise required to meet the increasing need for specialized wound care in Nacogdoches. The staff specializes in the treatment of chronic or non-healing wounds associated with infection, diabetes, pressure ulcers, trauma and peripheral vascular disease.