Lisa's Story

Jun 6, 2019

Lisa Mize

When Lisa Mize came to Nacogdoches Medical Center, she was in tremendous pain throughout her neck and shoulders, with tingling down her leg and numbness in her right arm.

Her physician recommended NMC to have neck surgery on four levels of her cervical vertebrae. She was very nervous about the procedure and its uncertain outcome.

“I was not only in pain, but extremely anxious about the surgery,” Lisa recalls.  “The hospital staff was reassuring and calming.  They were sensitive to my concerns and made me feel as at ease as possible.”

The hospital physicians, staff and nurses gave her confidence and hope that the surgery would go well.

“I appreciated the time that the physician spent with me,” she says.  “I was not treated as just ‘No. 7’ on the surgery list for the day.  I felt that the physicians and staff truly cared about me, the pain I was in, and the success of the procedure.”

Everything was convenient and centered on her peace of mind and the successful outcome of her procedure.

“Even the admissions process was convenient and easy,” Lisa says. “I was able to pre-register and, upon arrival, everything was taken care of.”

And the outcome?

“I am fully recovered and can participate in all of my regular life activities! There were no complications. I recommend NMC and this procedure to everyone that complains about neck problems!”

“It was easy, effective and I am back to doing 100 percent of all of my activities with no pain!”

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